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Holy Trinity Church occupies a building completed in 1998 which replaced the 1846 church near the town centre and the daughter church, St Mary's, on Wraxhill Road.

It was designed from the outset as a Church and Community Centre and so has many features  not found in older churches. You can get an idea of these from the photographs (on the Photos page) and the plan but here are some of them:

ACCESS The whole site is on one level with no steps (apart from the raised sanctuary area), making it ideal for those with limited mobility and it is very wheelchair friendly. There is also a disabled toilet.

HALL  We have a large hall separated from the church area by folding, soundproof screens. A smaller room, the Priddle Room is similarly adjacent to the church area. Both these rooms, as well as the church, are availble for hire. Currently many organisations meet here and a list of   these will be added to this site as it is developed.

PARKING There is a large parking area for about 50 cars (when well-parked!)

THE WINDOW This was designed and made by Jon Callan and depicts Christ rising from the river at his baptism. On sunny days this south-facing window lights up     the whole church and adds a special dimension to a morning service